アタシ再生産: Guess who reworked their website?

Sunday, 11 Dec 2022

Atashi Saiseisan

If you speak Japanese and wonder why the title sounds retarded, it’s a reference to Revue Starlight.

Anyway, I’ve always written updates regarding this website (see: meta). The changes over time might sound confusing, but basically I used to use Node.js -> lb -> Node.js again -> less verbose Node.js -> current iteration. Yes, I rewrote my website again!

If you want to ask why I use Node initially, it’s because I was bored and didn’t have anime to watch. So, what am I using now? I use Hugo.

On the last update, I said that I want to design the website to look like something Starlight. I guess I couldn’t fulfill that promise. I can only do a simple modification and use Photon MaidenA unit from the D4DJ franchise’s color scheme.

Additonally, I also mirrored this website on tor and i2p. I’m new to i2p, so よろしくお願いします.

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