Another Radical Change for the Website

Thursday, 9 Jun 2022

I simplified this website (yet again!)

Several months ago, I changed this website from a simple server that serves HTML files to a gimmicky Node.js server. At the time, I was curious about Node.js after seeing jschan. Since I had a lot of free time, I decided to learn some programming. I have no background in computers or stuff like that, so it was a very difficult process.

The second iteration of this website used MongoDB. It’s really overkilling because I only used it for my blog entries. But again, I was just amazed by jschan and tried to imitate it! It also utilized random packages such as luxon (to process date and time) and jdenticon (to create icons for Open Graph).

The third and current iteration of this website is simplified. It still uses Express as the main framework, but it doesn’t use MongoDB! Instead, my blog entries are stored in JSON files. I also removed the previously mentioned packages. Additionally, the biggest change besides simplification is that I switched from EJS to Pug as my template engine.

As for the visual aspect of the website, it’s pretty much the same. I’m not that good at design. However, I want to try to create something that radiates Starlight aura in the future. Perhaps.

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